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CHM to PDF Converter

The CHM to PDF Converter launched at the right time has become the


new platform for closer relationship between chm pdf conversion.


User are prefer to convert to pdf from chm files widely used in eBooks


publication, sending fax, etc. A huge CHM to PDF Converter comes to


assist users to convert compiled html files with perfect quality.

CHM to PDF Converter free download to convert chm files to pdf.

  • Convert CHM to PDF
  • Multiple pages of chm files to PDF
  • Add recognized watermarks


You may be confused to use this CHM to PDF Converter to convert chm files and wonder to know


how to convert chm files to pdf, the following easy guide will give you a clear instruction to help


you convert to pdf from chm files.


How to Convert CHM Files to PDF with CHM PDF Converter


Step 1. Download CHM to PDF Converter free online and install it to computer, lauch it, friendly interface will pop out and make preparation for converting chm files.

Step 2. NOTE: Please pay attention that you may find that "Add File" button can not load chm files to this chm pdf software, yes, you need to open chm files, and click Print button on the top toolbar, or right click to select print button.


chm to pdf converter


Step 3. Next to select print chm file topics, print the selected topic, the selected heading and all subtopics, anyone of them can be selected. You can print headings one by one.

chm to pdf

Step 4. Make sure that the PDF Creator working as the default printer at the moment, the virtual printer will make its full ability to convert to pdf from compiled html help format perfectly, then select Layout, Paper Color and size under Preferences, and also can choose printing number of copies.


convert chm to pdf

TIP 5. Add watermarks to pdf files to make the converted pdf unique.

Step 5. Click Print to finish loading chm files to CHM to PDF Converter, and click Convert to begin converting chm to pdf.

Before converting pdf files, you also can set pdf general settings like compatibility, resolution, compression of images, text, font and more. Moreover, a recognizable image or text pattern can be added and edited appears which viewed by others to make your pdf files remain private and more unique.


This smart CHM to PDF Converter also set user password and owner password to protect pdf files from copying, printing. Free download this CHM PDF Converter to create pdf files from chm swiftly.

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